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The End

hamburger_helper a posted Jul 26, 13

I have decided to close the server just shy of its 3rd birthday. It may come as no shock to anyone, but I have grown increasingly disenfranchised with Minecraft - save for a few spurts of enthusiasm over the last year.

I want to take this opportunity to applaud Deadlock for all of his hard and thankless work. I am eternally thankful for his willingness to take my seat; to build such a beautiful map, create custom plugins, and to create such a positive environment for our players. His triumph was where I failed and I'm in awe. Thank you.

Darkanjel: Up until Deadlock took over, you were my secret server ninja. Thanks for all the countless late nights helping manage and optimize the server. I still have no idea what I'm doing :)

Cithryth: you are an asset to the gaming community and will continue to be wherever you end up. I felt that we both connected with our sense of duty to the HH community. I'll continue to subscribe to your YouTube Channel and hope that we can work together again in the future. Whenever I got an email from you it was usually bad news ;P

Tobake, one of our oldest players, despite being one of the youngest. You always have something to say and your enthusiasm is contagious. Thanks for being here all these years.

Limitforce & Whigwam: You might never see this, but I miss you guys and thanks for everything you did to help me get here. I still remember the days of cloudport. I can only assume you're both busy doing great things.

To all the donators:
Thank you so much for supporting the server for these past years. Without you and your contributions, we never would have made it this far. It's remarkable how generous you all have been. Thank you.

To everyone else I missed: This is probably because I spent very little time in-game. Sorry we couldn't get to know each-other better.

To everyone who got banned:
Shut up you deserved it.

It has been a tremendous learning experience and I have met so many wonderful people. But sadly, I can't hold this candle any longer without burning my fingers. The server will shut down September 1st 2013. If anyone else would like to take over, please email me: info@minecraftserverfinder.com, otherwise we will host the server map in Dropbox for anyone who wants it.

Gratefully yours,


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Server updated to 1.6.2

Deadlock989 a posted Jul 14, 13
We're now running Minecraft 1.6.2. New features include horses, coal blocks, leads, nametags, resource packs, hay bales, carpets and coloured clay blocks. There were also changes to difficulty and some recipes - see the Minecraft Wiki for details of 1.6.1 and 1.6.2's changes. Finally there's been a couple of new tweaks and bonuses in HHminecraft's featureset - see the changelog for details.

The server is running an early release of Bukkit 1.6.2, and there may be random outbreaks of improbability, so please report any problems you find on the forums.

The Ensheepening

Deadlock989 a posted Jul 3, 13
Interdimensional travel is a fact of life - Mayan miners think nothing of hewing obsidian from a volcanic pool, crafting it into a frame and then using purple portal magick to send their souls to Abaddon for the plundering of glowstone and quartz.

What is less well known is that the ability to create a local wormhole from Maya to Hathor is also possible, without having to travel all the way to a Gate. All that is required are 12 blocks of lapis lazuli, 8 blocks of redstone, one block of gold ... and a sacrifice.


First, collect the needed resources and lay out the blocks on the floor in the following mandala pattern (as seen from above):


The cobblestone shown above could be anything, but the lapis, redstone and gold blocks must be in this exact pattern.

Secondly, locate a sheep and drag it to the centre of the mandala you have created. The sheep will protest. It will fix you with its wide, slotted eyes and bleat piteously, as if to say, think of my lambs, think of the entire timeline of future sheepitude and glorious sheep culture you are about to erase from history-yet-to-come. Do not allow the sheep's psychological tactics to distract you: kill it in the centre of the mandala.

If done correctly, the release of sheep lifeforce (or "sheepforce") will fuse the redstone and gold together in a catalytic reaction, destroying those blocks but creating a portal to Hathor. This is also referred to as the Ensheepening.


This only works in Maya. You cannot create a portal to Hathor from any other world but Maya.

The sheep does not have to be right in the centre of the mandala when it dies, but it must be within the lapis frame.

The sheep must be an adult sheep. Lambs do not contain enough sheepforce.

If the lapis frame of a Hathor portal is broken with a pickaxe or by an explosion, the portal connection will be broken and your redstone and gold will have been wasted. However the lapis blocks should be recoverable.

A corresponding Hathor portal will be created, which will return you to your home portal, but it is made of bedrock and cannot be destroyed - the portal must be deactivated from the Maya end.

The mandala portals actually hijack latent tachyon inteferometry created by the Maya Citadel's World Gate - they use the Gate's wormhole but displace it laterally using a lapatron field. This means that just as the Hathor Gates are unstable and might be lost and replaced with new worlds at any time, a Hathor Mandala Portal built in your home will also change destinations periodically as well.

This is a dangerous magick. You have no idea where the Hathor end of the wormhole might be - it might be the middle of an ocean, on top of a giant lava-spewing volcano, at the bottom of a ravine full of creepers, or in a hypnotic realm made entirely of sponge and cake from which there is no escape. In (very rare) situations, you might be transported into something solid and suffocate. It is therefore not recommended that you take your most precious possessions on a Hathor portal trip. If you don't like taking risks, use the World Gates instead, which are safer.
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